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Eco Flame is a revolutionary type of kindling that offers rapid fire lighting and exceptional value.

It is British manufactured from 100% virgin sawmill wood residue, sustainably sourced from well managed forests in the UK.

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Eco Flame benefits over traditional kindling

Unlike traditional kindling, Eco Flame kindling is made from parts of the tree that cannot be used by UK sawmills. These parts have been historically sent to landfill. Furthermore, all Eco Flame kindling is made from FSC certified wood which further guarantees its sustainability.
Eco Flame kindling is perfect for lighting fires from scratch – with hundreds of individual chips the flammable surface area is increased allowing the kindling to get hotter quicker than traditional kindling. You can also add your chosen fuel sooner. Eco Flame kindling will revive dying fires instantly. Simply scatter a small handful onto glowing embers, open up the vents on your appliance and the fire will burst back into life!

Eco Flame kindling is perfect for lighting:

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